We're building a Texas hub for supporters of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Dr. Steven Greer's vision of the ultimate disclosure — millions of people making peaceful contact, and in the process helping to create a sustainable, high tech and peaceful civilization on Earth — Will you join us?

Texas has a well documented history of UFO sightings with several prominent cases dating back to the late 1800's. In 1891 a UFO exploded over Dublin, Texas, and in 1897 a UFO crashed near Aurora, Texas, where the local residents buried the extraterrestrial pilot in the town cemetary. In 1995 we had airline pilots reporting UFO's and in 2008 we had the Stephenville Lights where dozens of residents and even a pilot reported seeing ships a half mile wide and a mile long being chased by military jets. These accounts are just the tip of the iceberg with many less prominent cases being reported each year.

As interesting as those events are, there is an even more interesting story unfolding now under the Texas night sky.

Since 1990 the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence or CSETI, has been training people to go out under the stars to make contact with the intelligence behind the UFO's — the actual extraterrestrial peoples themselves — and Texans have been doing just that. Texas has about 500 CSETI supporters that have listed themselves publicly on the ET contact network app but probably many more that have remained anonymous.

One of our goals at CE5 Texas is to help bring these supporters together to form CE-5 Contact teams, or "working groups" where we can go out in the field together to experience for ourselves what others all over the world have been doing for almost 30 years — having amazingly beautiful contact experiences, and learning the truth for ourselves.

We provide a free one day CE-5 training experience
Bring a friend and join us for a most unique experience under the beautiful Texas night sky!

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