ET Contact

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Contact - Countdown to Transformation Dr. Steven Greer
Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge Dr. Steven Greer
Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications Dr. Steven Greer
Disclosure Dr. Steven Greer
CE-5 – Close Encounters of the Fifth kind Dr. Richard Haines
Zen in the Art of Close Encounters Ed. by David Pursglove

UFO Research

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Unconventional Flying Objects Paul R. Hill
The Day After Roswell Col. Philip Corso
Above Top Secret Timothy Good

Mind Control and Secrecy

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MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer
The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency James Bamford

Consciousness and Universe

Title Author Info/Purchase
The Conscious Universe Dean Radin, Ph.D.
Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality Dean Radin, Ph.D.
The Way of the Explorer Dr. Edgar Mitchell
The Spiritual Universe Fred Alan Wolfe
Miracles of the Mind: Explaining Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing Russell Targ and Jane Katra
Margins of Reality – The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World Dr. Robert G. Jahn

Nature of the Universe

Title Author Info/Purchase
The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot
Subtle Energy John Davidson
The World is Sound, Nada Brahma Joachim-Ernst Berendt
Hyperspace Michio Kaku
Awakening to Zero Point Gregg Braden
Beyond Zero Point Gregg Braden (Found as
Audio CD)

News Media and the UFO Coverup

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The Missing Times Terry Hanson Paperback


Remote Viewing

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Psychic Warrior David Morehouse
Remote Viewing Joseph McMoneagle

ET Reality

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Angels and Aliens Keith Thompson
The Physics of Angels, exploring the realm where science and spirit meet Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake

Meditation and Spirituality

Title Author Info/Purchase
Bhagavad-gita Krishna
Recovering the Soul Larry Dossey
Principles of Meditation – Eastern Wisdom for the Western Mind C. Alexander Simpki Ph.D., and Annellen M. Simpkins, Ph.D.
Quantum Healing Deepak Chopra

Morphogenic Field

Title Author Info/Purchase
A New Science of Life Rupert Sheldrake

New Sciences

Title Author Info/Purchase
Miracle in the Void Dr. Brian O'Leary
Bridging Science and Spirit Norman Friedman
Zen Physics David Darling
Synchronicity – The Bridge between Matter and Mind David Peat

Not on the official CSETI list – a few of our suggestions.

Title Author Info/Purchase
A New Earth Eckhart Tolle
The Centering Book – Awareness Activities for Children & Adults to Relax the Body & Mind Gay Hendricks and Russel Wills
The Second Centering Book – more awareness activities for children, parents, and teachers Gay Hendricks and Thomas B. Roberts

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