Reviews of equipment our members have used during field work.

If you are just starting out with CE5 contact work, you really do not need much more than a chair to sit in and proper clothing to keep you comfortable. But as you gain experience and spend more time outdoors in the field, like anything else, having the right equipment for the job will definitely enhance your experience.

There are so many options for equipment that it can sometimes be difficult to choose one item over another -- here is where we can help. Our members have decades of combined experience doing field work and we can point you directly to the items we feel are most helpful.

As an added benefit, if you choose to purchase any item through the Amazon links below, you will be supporting our public outreach and education efforts both online and in the DFW area. (Amazon pays a small commission – your price is no different.) If you need multiple items, there is a shopping cart available in the CE5TEXAS store.

CE5 Field Work Equipment Reviews

Item Review
BOSH Jobsite Radio The BOSH jobsite radio is a little on the expensive side (if you don't have BOSH tool batteries, you will need one as well to use this in the field), but it has many features that really make it ideal for field work. First, since it is designed to be on construction sites, it is tough and can handle being in the field with your team. We have used it in below freezing temperatures and on humid nights where the radio is wet from dew in the morning.

You will use this to play your tones, and any meditations. Our favorite feature is that it has four speakers, one facing in each direction – so you can put this in the middle of your circle, and everyone can hear easily.

The radio has built in bluetooth, so there is no need to stretch a wire across the ground – at night that would be a hazard. The radio can also play directly from a USB drive and has two aux inputs.
There are two models of this currently on Amazon – one with bluetooth (the newest model linked to the right – PB360C) and an older model without bluetooth (PB360S), so be careful when ordering.
Celestron Binoculars These Binoculars work very well – you can focus each eyepiece, and use them with or without eyeglasses. These make it very easy to look at a light you see in the distance and tell right away if it is an aircraft (sometimes at a distance you cannot see the red/green lights or the strobe very well, it all blends in together, but with the binoculars it's easy.)
Tri-field Meter This meter, when set to the MAG 1-3 setting, is what Dr. Greer and many CE5 teams have been using for some time. You must get the meter with the sound option (this one has it) – This is a magnetometer that makes sounds when the magnetic field around it changes. Very useful during contact work. You want the sound because without it, you would have to be watching the meter (which is not illuminated) during the meditation. We don't recommend adding the illumination (it is an option) because that drains the battery faster (it only has a 9v) and really does not add any value for our purposes. The sound is all you need.
Vonshef Thermal Airpot This keeps hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold for a long time. We use it for hot chocolate or tea during our field work when the temperature is on the cold side. This will keep water hot for a couple of days, minimum, and it holds more than the standard thermos (5 liters / 1.2 Gal) so there is plenty for a group of 8-10 people for the night.
Wool Socks The "People Socks" on Amazon are very reasonably priced wool socks -- they do a great job of helping to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Great for field work, highly recommended.