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Contact Trilogy

The CSETI contact protocols are sometimes referred to as the "Contact Trilogy" — this is because there are three main modalities of contact — light, tones, and thought. Yes, thought. It is the most controversial of the contact protocols, but also the most important.


The light is simple — it was noticed that sometimes ETV's (extraterrestrial vehicles) would show up over concerts that used lots of laser light shining into the sky. So the contact teams shine a laser into the sky — nowadays, because of the danger of blinding a pilot, we do not shine the lasers at anything in the sky, they are there mostly to help mark OUR position on the ground. In the past, when ETV's have approached teams, the team would signal using bright lights, and more likely than not, the ETV would respond in like manner.


The teams broadcast tones over radio that were originally recorded during a contact event in a crop circle. The tones are a part of their technology that we have recorded and are sending back to them. Imagine if you went into someone's home, and they had a wall of pictures. How interested would you be? Mildly maybe? What if you noticed YOUR picture on the wall? Would that peak your interest? Transmitting their own technology back to them is our attempt to put their picture on the wall.


Or rather, coherent thought. Officially, CSETI has coined the phrase "Coherent Thought Sequencing" to mean coherent, centered thought that in a specific way invites contact and shows our team's location.

So how is this done? First, you have to reach a centered state of consciousness, and by centered we mean not thinking about anything else. Even in this state, thoughts will come, and to stay centered you must be able to just let them pass without following them into a conversation in your head. This can be done through meditation, or a breathing technique, or any other way that works for you. How you get there is not important, only that you reach a centered, calm, state of consciousness. There is a link below to a short primer on a meditation technique taught by Dr. Greer — again, you can use any method that works for you, but if you have no method already the primer gives you everything you need to get started.

Upon reaching this centered, calm state of consciousness, begin the CTS or Coherent Thought Sequencing. Simply project the intention to see any ET vehicles near Earth, or anywhere actually. If you see a craft with your minds eye, ask for permission to enter, then introduce yourself by name as an ambassador from Earth, and tell them if it is safe for them to do so, you would love for them to visit you on your planet. Then show them the way by visualizing our Milky Way galaxy, down to our solar system, move to the third planet from our sun, show your continent (at night with city lights if it is nighttime), continue to zoom slowly closer and closer until you view your location from just a few hundred feet above. (Google Earth is very helpful) Include that you are sitting in a circle (if with a team) and any tones and lights that you may be using. Technically, you show them the way by "remote viewing" your way back to your location from theirs — but even if you cannot do that just yet, simply visualizing your way back sometimes works because it is believed that the ET civilizations have technology that allows them to view conscious thought as easily as we can view television.


The ET Contact Tool (App) (iOS App Store | Android Google Play ) is a self contained course on making contact and includes the tones and example meditations, plus a magnetometer for detecting electromagnetic activity.

You can also download example meditations and the tones below.

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