CE-5 Texas Event FAQ's


We love doing CE-5 and look forward to spending time out under the stars with you.

Here are some specific tips to help you have the very best experience followed by some general FAQ's below.

  • Don't forget to bring a chair -- most people use zero-gravity recliners (see FAQ's below for more)
  • Watch the videos in the 'must see excerpts' section of the CE-5 Texas Theater. This will prep you for the introduction we run before the contact event.
  • For the best personal contact experience, do a short 15-20 minute meditation and coherent thought sequence, or CTS (see Contact Protocols and Meditation Primer) each day starting the week prior to your contact event. When you create your RSVP to attend you will be sent a link to view our CTS images of the contact site to use with the CTS portion of the contact protocols. You want to be very familiar with the CTS images of the contact site so that on Saturday you have them in memory and can participate with the live meditations and CTS the group will be performing.
  • Invest in a water canteen. We provide cool filtered drinking water on site.
  • You will need a flashlight with RED light as white light will impair your night vision for a good 20-30 minutes. (We have red keychain flashlights available onsite if you need them for $4.00)
  • Mosquito protection during the summer months -- either chemical or clothing that covers arms legs and ankles. Some people purchase very cheap netting on amazon.
  • Don't worry at all if you do not feel ready — this is an introduction and there will be many first time attendees with little to no experienceJust relax, come enjoy the evening with us!

General F A Q's

CE-5 Texas events are run by volunteers. You can volunteer and still participate fully in the event.

We rent a port-a-pot, mow the grass, and treat for bugs at the contact site and ask that everyone donates to cover the cost (Approx $10 per attendee). You can donate on-site at the registration table (cash or CC), via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo. (ce5texasteam@gmail.com)

Although we will have forms at the registration table, you can save time during registration by bringing the liability forms pre-signed.

Download Ranch Form

Download CE-5 Texas Form

Event specific information like schedule, driving instructions, and contact site CTS images will be emailed to you when you create your RSVP on eventbrite. Check your spam folder after creating your RSVP and consider adding our email address ce5texasteam@gmail.com to your contacts list to help keep our emails out of your spam folder.

You will need a chair to sit in. Although anything will do, the fold-able sport chairs are popular. Most people that do CE-5 often invest in a zero gravity recliner camping chair - they cost a little more but are much comfier for meditating and watching the stars. If you cannot find one, check Bed Bath and Beyond as they usually have them online and can ship to you for free.

You will need a RED flashlight for use during the contact event. Exposure to bright white light will impair your night vision and those around you for a good 20-30 minutes. If you need one, we have red key chain lights available for $4.00 on site. Please plan to have either exact change or a credit card, as we may not be able to make change. You may use your white lights before or after the event. Please avoid the use of any head mounted lights.

On the day of the event you will be more comfortable eating lightly. Eating a big heavy meal could make you uncomfortable during the meditations. Having a few healthy snacks available will make the evening more pleasant. There is a Buc-ees just north of the highway exit for the ranch that has lots of snacks and food.

We provide several large (home depot) water coolers with filtered drinking water on site. Please bring a water canteen or reusable cup to help us avoid creating lots of plastic waste.

No, no, and no. Even caffeine can make meditation more challenging. Dr. Greer teaches methods of personal growth and development that make the use of drugs unnecessary. For campers, if you are used to a glass of wine before bed you are certainly welcome to it with discretion.

We are very cognizant about laser safety. You may bring your (100mW or less) laser to the event to use when invited by the coordinator ... please do not use your laser except when invited to do so, and then with extreme caution. Anyone using a laser in an unsafe manner will be asked to put the laser away. Please check with the coordinator before using any laser over 100mW. We never point the laser at ANY object in the sky, and certainly never point at any object on the ground. Please do not bring a laser if it is very new to you or you are not extremely familiar with it.

We have had people get extraordinary photographs just using their cell phones ... we encourage photography of the area before and after the event by everyone ... just be mindful that some people may not wish to be photographed. We ask that only people that are very familiar with their equipment and/or are very familiar with CE-5 take pictures during the contact event. This is to avoid any distractions to the group. All lights on any camera used during the contact portion need to be taped or hidden. We have gaffers tape onsite for your use. Please, no IR illumination or flash of any type.

Camping at the contact site is an option, and several team members will be staying overnight. You must bring your own camping gear. No fires of any type are allowed by the land owners.

The closest hotels to the contact site are in Ennis, Tx

As much as we love our animals, even the best trained service animals can become spooked at these events. They can sense things long before we can so it's best to leave them at home.

No smoking in the contact circle, but you are welcome to smoke downwind of the circle.

Texas style. And ants too. We treat the contact circle for bugs but recommend strongly that you wear appropriate clothing ... which means socks and shoes that cover the lower leg, long pants, and a long sleeve wind breaker to protect your arms and torso. A hat with mosquito netting (amazon) is also not a bad idea as it keeps the 'buzzing' away from your ears that can sometimes make meditation difficult.

We will be on a large ranch surrounded by trees, grass, and plants of all kinds. We suggest if you have seasonal allergies that you take your favorite medication before attending.

This is an outdoor event with plenty of room to social distance. Please feel free to wear or not wear a mask -- but maintain social distance from anyone not in your group until you know they are comfortable not doing so. We will no doubt have a mixed group with some wearing masks and others not, our main concern here is to maintain the loving, accepting, non-divisive energy in the group that is essential for any contact to occur.

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