A CE-5 Experience

We are a team with decades of combined experience doing CE-5 all over the world. Come spend an afternoon with us for an introduction to CE-5, and then see for yourself overnight at our contact site — a 21 thousand acre ranch near Ennis, Tx — how fun and exciting CE-5 can be.

When was the last time you sat under the Milky Way with a group of new friends and tried to vector in an extraterrestrial spacecraft? (OK, ok — WITHOUT the beer?)

Our "A CE-5 Experience" introductions are fun events where you will:

  • Learn about CE-5, meditation, and the consciousness connection.
  • Learn about the new consciousness awakening on earth and why it is absolutely critical to our survival as a species.
  • Learn and gain experience using the contact protocols and the equipment we use.
  • Learn about and experience the PUJA — understand what it really is and why it's so important.
  • Learn advanced contact techniques shared by Dr. Greer over the years at advanced expeditions.
  • Meet and hear experiences from others of like mind.
  • Hear updates from recent expeditions with Dr. Greer.
  • See pictures from recent expeditions, and hear the stories behind them.
  • Network with others from your area to create local CE-5 teams to help bring about the ultimate disclosure event: millions of people worldwide doing CE-5!

We usually start the afternoon introduction a few hours before sunset, and finish the evening CE-5 around midnight. "A CE-5 Experience" is a free event, but space is limited and RSVP/Registration is required.

We are family oriented, and children under 18 are welcome with a parent or legal guardian.

You are welcome to spend the night with us camping, stay in a nearby hotel, or drive home after the event. (Due to high summer temperatures, no camping June-August)

Check out our EVENT FAQ's or click on register below to create your RSVP.

We are working on our 2023 Summer Schedule
and will post as soon as it's available.

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