First, Contact is free

We want to point out that contact is free — and it should be.

Everything you need to make contact has been provided free by Sirius Disclosure — you can download the CSETI Working Group Training Materials, and here at CE5 Texas you can read our summary of the contact protocols, take an online class, or attend an outdoor CE-5 Training experience, all for free.

It's that way because that is what is most important — getting out there, making contact, and letting the world know. And that really is the very best way that you can support disclosure and the CE-5 Initiative. Millions of people doing this will bring about a new world for us all very quickly.

if you find that you can contribute, get the most from your contribution!

Although there is nothing like a direct cash contribution to help support a cause, if you are new to all of this, there are ways to financially support disclosure while at the same time getting maximum return on your contribution.

Books, training programs

For example, you might consider any of the books or training programs available at Sirius Disclosure. Although everything you need for contact is provided free, the books contain a wealth of additional information, and purchasing books is a way to contribute where you get immediate value from your contribution. Dr. Greer even provides the books at an affordable eBook rate, however, I must admit I still like having a physical book to put on the bookshelf — they are great conversation starters and opportunities for teaching.

If you purchase from Amazon through any of the links on this site you will not only be supporting Sirius Disclosure but also CE-5 Texas as we receive a small commission (you pay the same).

Week long expedition with Dr. Greer

A week long training expedition is one of the best ways to get maximum return on your contribution. I attended my first expedition recently, and was absolutely blown away, not only with the content, but of how much time Dr. Greer spends with the group — every day we spent 4 hours in Q&A lecture style training, then were out under the stars from sunset to midnight or 1 Am — then for those that wanted to stay up Dr. Greer visited with us until around 3 or 4 am. Including the two meals, that's a 14 hour day. I don't know any other retreat where you get this much training — honestly I don't know how he does it. Plus, you get to meet amazing people from all over the world that are involved with disclosure. A word of advice — the expeditions sell out usually within 24 hours of being announced, so if you are interested in this you have to watch for them.

Supporting the future you want

Mother Theresa was once asked if she would march against the war in Vietnam, she answered —

"No — but if you have a march FOR peace, I'll be there!"

Mother Theresa knew it was important for us to lend our energy and support toward what we want, and not to waste it worrying about what we do not want. So we should support the future we want to see, and in a world where millions of dollars are paid to watch two men fight on television, yet nothing is available for new energy technology research, our donations are very important — that's why it's vital that those of us that can contribute, do contribute!

There are two links below for Sirius Disclosure. Purchasing from the Amazon links on this site help to support CE5 Texas.

... and as always,

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