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"Fire in the Sky"

The Travis Walton case is an important one for many reasons, but we especially include it here because the movie that supposedly portrayed the facts of the case, "Fire in the Sky," went way off track and portrayed a very negative, fearful experience. According to Travis Walton's personal account in his book, and recent interviews, that simply was not the case.

The truth of this case is that he was struck by some type of energy and knocked unconscious. Keep in mind that these hovering disks probably generate enormous amounts of power (some estimate about the same as a nuclear power plant) and Travis, without warning, got out of his truck and ran up under the disk. The weather was reported to be humid and damp and Travis believes it is very possible that he was hit inadvertently by some type of energy discharge from the propulsion system of the craft as it powered up to move away.

According to Dr. Greer, Travis was probably inadvertently electrocuted and experienced ventricular fibrillation, a fatal arrhythmia of the heart. Travis' crew saw him fall and feared he was dead, so they took off leaving him there. Had the ET's left him there he would have no doubt died that night in the forest. So what did the ET's do? They took him on board and treated him. According to Dr. Greer it takes about 5 days to treat an electrocution victim, due to the need to flush out the damaged muscle tissue through the kidneys, and that's exactly how long Travis was missing. After which he was returned to a road close to town, and Travis remembers waking up and seeing the craft waiting by the side of the road, as if to watch over him until he awoke. Once he got up, the craft left. Here is a short excerpt from the book:

Consciousness returned to me on the night I awoke to find myself on the cold pavement west of Heber, Arizona. I was lying on my stomach, my head on my right forearm. Cold air brought me instantly awake. I looked up in time to see a light turn off on the bottom of a curved, gleaming hull. As I'd raised my head up, a white light caught my eye just before it blinked off. Either a light had been turned off or a hatch had closed, cutting off the light from inside. I only caught a glimpse as I raised my head; I could not be sure which it was.

Then I saw the mirrored outline of a rounded, silvery disc hovering four feet above the paved surface of the road. It must have been about forty feet in diameter because it extended several feet off the left side of the road. It was too large for the highway and it extended past the roadside to my left to clear a cutaway rock embankment on the other side of the highway. It appeared to be about fourteen feet high in the center.

For an instant it floated silently above the road, a dozen yards away. I could see the night sky, the surrounding trees, and the highway center line reflected in the curving mirror of its hull. I noticed a faint warmth radiating onto my face. Then, abruptly, it shot vertically into the sky, creating a strong breeze that stirred the nearby pine boughs and rustled the dry oak leaves that lay in the dry grass beside the road. It gave off no light; and it was almost instantly lost from sight.Travis Walton

Travis only remembers the last 20 minutes or so of his ordeal on the ship, but in that time, he was given a tour of the craft and allowed to actually fly it for a bit. He saw several extraterrestrials, including some that look so much like humans that he tried talking to them.

This case not only shows us an example of several types of extraterrestrials working together, but also is a great example of how we as humans can immediately jump to a negative conclusion. "Fire in the Sky", "Abduction" – all examples of how even the language we use to describe these events provokes fear and distrust. Unlike the movie, this case was probably an inadvertent electrical discharge that fibrillated his heart. He was taken on board, stabilized for 5 days and then mercifully returned. Travis was physically healthy and fine after he returned.

Here is a short excerpt from Dr. Greer's working group training manual about this case:

The bizarre torture sequences so gruesomely depicted in the movie "Fire in the Sky" seemed to have been taken from Dante's "Inferno", human entrails and mucous dripping everywhere. Travis Walton recounts a very different story of what took place on board. In fact, his only conscious negative experience occurred just as he first regained consciousness. He immediately grabbed a glass–like object and tried to attack the short EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities). He admits that he was the one who took aggressive action. He was subsequently restrained and when he calmed down, the ETs literally took him on a tour of the ship.

Apparently, they docked with another ship and he encountered some very human looking people as well as the short Extraterrestrials who were very kind to him. They let him move around the craft and even let him sit in a kind of navigator's chair and maneuver the craft. He has said that the experience was like an epiphany.

Of course if you watch the film "Fire in the Sky" you don't get to see portrayed any of what Travis Walton actually described of his on board experience . . . I suspect that they saved his life!

I think this is an example of the facile tendency towards fear and xenophobia, which has infected this field for some time. This tendency has gotten us in deep trouble, almost to the point of no return. It is so dangerous because people are going off half-cocked after reaching fear–based conclusions. They are not reasonably analyzing what has been happening.

The result of this mind set is that we could start down the road to conflict between Earth and the ET visitors. Such a tragic path would be the result of believing in misrepresentations and distortions of what could be very benign events.Dr. Steven Greer

Travis has a book that you can read, and a new documentary that tells the truth of his story. You can read excerpts of the book and purchase both from his site, linked below. We've also included links to a recent interview where Travis describes his "abduction" as an emergency rescue attempt to save his life; and to the trailer for his new documentary.

Travis Walton, a recent interview
Movie trailer "Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton"
Travis Walton's book – you can read excerpts or purchase at his site.
Travis Walton Website – order page for the documentary or the book

Trailer, "Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton"

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